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@ So the Total Speakers of Boso Kalongan is around +/- 3,000,000 peoples
  • Pekalongan is port city so Pekalongan's population is made up of several ethnic groups, Javanese, Arabs, Chinese and other small ethnics. This make Boso Kalongan is unique and rich, Boso Kalongan mix with Javanese, Indonesia, Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese, Arabic, and with loanwords from some Dutch Language, such as,
    Brug (dutch) / Bruk (boso kalongan) -> Jembatan (indonesia) -> Bridge (English) --> Place name : Brug Loji (near catholic st. petrus (st. peter) church Pekalongan.
    Kerkhoff(dutch) = Kerkop (boso kalongan) = Kuburan (bahasa Indonesia) --> Place Name : Kerkop Mbeji
    jepek, sejeng, nojeng (chinese/Hokkien)
    rahat, jadam, harim (arab)
    Nggratak, Nggaya (indonesia)
  • Boso Kalongan in Media/Culture
Website / Online Dictionary
  • Because Javanese it's consists of three level, ngoko, madya and krama, and Javanese Wikipedia (, use level 3, which is krama. And Boso Kalongan included in Level 1, ngoko, but it's still quite different, because the standard javanese is based on Surakarta & Yogyakarta dialect/language.
for example the Surakarta/Yogyakarta or Banyumas or Other Peoples knowing javanese Ngoko translate the Boso Kalongan, like the article published by Suara Merdeka Newspapers ( , it's hard for them to understand Boso Kalongan, or even they don't understand at all.
  • There are +/- 3 millions people with Boso Kalongan knowledge, but with less literatures, so it's time to develop Boso Kalongan.
  • Boso Kalongan has a little / less literatures, so with Boso Kalongan Wikipedia, we can improve, develop, share, and keeping the Boso Kalongan alive to our younger generation. And also through the literatures we can introduce our language to the world, and we hope with Boso Kalongan Wikipedia we can stimulate Peoples with Boso Kalongan-Knowing to make books , literature, lyrics, song, articles, poetry, in Boso Kalongan, so the Boso Kalongan will growing and evolved. (and we hope the others will interested to learn Boso Kalongan).
  • Boso Kalongan in Others Name
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